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Linear Transformations

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Saturday, April 26, noon to 4:30 pm
Dancing in the Park

Join us for a celebration of National Dance Week at Mark Foehringer's annual dance festival in Golden Gate Park. This free concert features some two dozen Bay Area companies and choreographers, as well as opportunities for audience participation on the outdoor stage; it's a lovely way to spend a spring afternoon. NCDE takes the stage at 2:45 pm with an excerpt from Julia & Mandelbrot, a kaleidoscopic look at fractals' spirals and repetitions, set to music of Simon & Garfunkel with an original introduction by Mike Coffin.
Golden Gate Park Music Concourse, 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, San Francisco

Saturday, April 26, 8:00 pm
Dance Mission's "Spring Forward" Choreographers' Showcase

Following the afternoon's festivities, NCDE reprises the mesmerizing Julia & Mandelbrot excerpt in a lively program of varied styles by Bay Area choreographers and Dance Mission teachers.
Dance Mission Theater, 3316 24th Street, San Francisco
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Friday, May 2, & Saturday, May 3, 8:00 pm
DanceVisions' "Arts in the Making"

In a studio performance primarily for and by children, NCDE performs the rippling trio Current, set to music composed for the piece by Bert Lams and Tom Griesgraber. This concert also includes two new works by High Release Dance as well as a number of class pieces.
DanceVisions Studio, 4000 Middlefield Road #L-3, Palo Alto

Friday, June 13, & Saturday, June 14, 8:00 pm
Natasha Carlitz Dance Ensemble in concert at Dance Mission

This preview performance introduces major works of the 2014 season. Join NCDE for an evening of mathematical magic, including both excerpts and full-length works presented in an informal studio setting. You'll see works in progress and get a glimpse behind the scenes at our inspiration and process as we prepare for our full season concert in October.
Dance Mission Theater, 3316 24th Street, San Francisco

Friday, October 17, & Saturday, October 18
NCDE 2014 Season

Mark your calendar now for an evening-length concert of mathematical and scientific works choreographed by Natasha Carlitz, Rebekah Brown, Maggie Hurd, and Erica Pinigis. Our journey into the magic of math investigates phenomena from pi to pendulums.
Cowell Theater, San Francisco

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